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Starting 1.13.21

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@catchingbreaths Learning

Classes are taught verbally using Sim-Comm (sign language + speaking) as a way of sharing the WHY insight of certain signs to the hearing populace. 


Although voice-off immersion techniques are also great, I am intentionally using this strategy to make the WHY clear, accessible and approachable for hearing allies. 


Each class is broken down into Vocabulary, Culture and Song. 


The curriculum focuses on getting you using approachable, useful, conversational ASL right away. Instead of just learning vocabulary without a way to connect, we will aim to connect signs through useful verbiage, understanding of Deaf culture and approach, as well as song for movement quality and abstract connectivity. 

Just $5 per week ... or you can choose to pay $25 up front to access the entire session start to finish (save up to $15)!

To get started create your membership above, or create your membership at checkout. The choice is yours. If you would like to simplify membership you may choose to Sign-In instead of Sign-Up and select Google or Facebook for a single click login. See you soon!

Learn ASL With Bailey


Get ready for a musical, signing, adventure. Each session is broken down and spiced up by Bailey and Follin (11 yo). Stretch those fingers with your child, student, or sibling ... or let them try it alone!

Follin - LightCircles.jpg

Brand new, or mostly new, to signing and looking to dip your toes? This level is for anyone green or rusty and ready to take on the challenge in a relaxed, fun, guided way!


Think you've got the basics of ASL under your belt and want to take that next step? This level will really let you start to hone your expressive, receptive, and conversation skills with Bailey supporting you along the way!


*We are currently only offering lessons through the Intermediate level. Advanced level courses may be made available in the future in collaboration with licensed Deaf educators. Although I am an educator and native Deaf signer, I would like to honor the tireless work of Deaf educators who have dedicated their life to such pedagogy and as a way of honoring and passing on our culture.


I am teaching ASL from my understanding as a Deaf woman, but advanced technique and curriculum should be reserved for degreed educators as a sign of respect, value and time." 

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