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The First Volume of Bailey's Long-Awaited Novel!

"This is the story of a bionic boss, Deaf dancer, and anti-damsel in distress, navigating life in a faulty body and even saltier mind. 


Prolific pontificator and invisible illness insurgent, Bailey Anne Vincent takes her titillatingly transparent turn as a health advocate and writer online (@catchingbreaths) and pirouettes to the page. This completely new narrative speaks to life with a progressive disease (a variant of Cystic Fibrosis), while juggling showtimes and stage sessions as a professional ballerina. 


Artistic Director and founder of a body-neutral professional dance company, chronic illness advocate, and homeschooling mother of 2 daughters, this isn't a tale of achievements or accolades; resumes or revolutions. And even with 5 robot parts, over 5 internal organs removed, and an ever evolving cycle of infections, treatments and interventions, it's not a holistic diary either. This is a story for anyone who has ever tried to live well in a body that doesn't want to get better. 


Part progressive memoir, part true love story, part living legacy for her children, as the book itself says: "This book is the mistake of someone who’s made far too many mistakes, but doesn’t mind writing them down as memories." 

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Read Volume 1 of this new series today!
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This book is being offered
Pay As You Will* for a limited time for those in need, at this time. Please invest what you feel @catchingbreaths and this novel is worth!
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Download your choice of e-pub (readers or reader apps) or pdf (universal). Kindle .mobi format currently unavailable. Pdf works, kind of.
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Become a literary critic. Give us feedback!

*This Early Release of the novel, Album 1, is being made available should you need a dose of encouragement right now. Pay As You Want, should you want. We encourage you to donate whatever you feel this book or all Catching Breaths writings should warrant, with the knowledge that there is more already in the works and that Catching Breaths will continue to strive for all that it stands for (equity in the arts, voice to the voiceless, unity). For now, take this time of distance and demand to remember that it's not about how deep the breaths are, but how many moments catch our breath along the way.

(Also, don't read this book if you don't like to read about poop, colons, mucus or mayhem.) 

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